Stephen Bartlett Production, From Australia to Europe.

“It all starts with the song. A good song guides you as to where it wants to go and when you’re working with the right act, its a real privilege to be able to help them produce something that really showcases who they are.”

Leaving Australia for The Netherlands in 2013 and then to New York in 2015, producer Stephen Bartlett has quickly leapt to the top of the international music industry, adhering to his production philosophy that the song is a canvas just waiting for colour to be added.

His unique sound that shows an uncanny ability to bring out the best in a wide variety of genres, from indie rock successes including Skinny Jean and The Red Paintings in his native Australia, through to his success at the top of European charts with 9 top 10 debuts, 18 entries into the charts in 7 countries and platinum and gold certifications.

Currently based in New York City, he has worked throughout Europe, America and Australia, including a 2 year stint at world-renowned Wisseloord Studios in Holland as well as sessions at Electric Lady in NYC, Assault & Battery in London, TileYard in London, The Village in LA, Studio 4 in Philadelphia, Bismeau in Austin. Bartlett combines a long history working with vintage gear with the latest technology to bring out the best in songs. In Australia, Bartlett was the owner of The Docking Station, a multi-room facility featuring a vintage Neve 5316, creating a niche for great production, leading to various industry awards (MusicOz Award, Australian Music Prize Nominations) and accolades in leading national publications including Audio Technology and The Music Network. Bartlett is at the forefront of the global movement towards recording pure analogue albums in a digital age, overcoming limitations and embracing all forms of technology, adapting his methods to what the song requires.

His client list includes: David Garrett, Adrian Vandenberg. Ilse De Lange, The Middle East, Skinny Jean, 3Js, Alain Clark, BigStrongBrute, Nova Scotia, Ben Saunders, Rob De Nijs, The Red Paintings and many more.

“As a mastering engineer who gets to hear a lot of work from many mix engineers, I can say I rate Stephen highly. He has a great grasp over a variety of genres and is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I have the pleasure to work with. His level of commitment to his craft and clients is fantastic”

– Jack the Bear – Mastering Engineer (Aus)

“Working with Steve is easy. He puts in 100% of his effort, takes as much creative control as you want him to, he’s fluent with all his great gear and he’s absolutely affable. It seems that he’s always evolving his equipment and methods, which is something that I think is vital to people in his field. I think Steve’s a true professional.”

– Shem Allen – Skinny Jean

“Steve is one of the few sound engineers I’ve worked with that has both an undeniable ability matched with a warm and hard working enthusiasm. From experience I know that he’s up for going to some pretty obscure lengths to achieve those rare sounds we all desperately hunt for. That kind of creative and adventurous quality, I think, every good sound engineer should have. With his studio, Steve understands and has acutely taken care of any detail that will lead to a quality recording done in a comfortable and non-threatening environment…again, a rare trait in professional studios.”

– Jacob Hicks – Re:Enactment

“We hire Steve to work on our projects not only because of his track record but because he has innovative ideas and is prepared to give anything a go to achieve a unique sound that compliments the direction the band is pursuing. We are more than happy with the work that Stephen has done for us and would recommend him to anyone looking to achieve a quality recorded product.”

– Brett Wood – Starving Kids Records

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, all these comments are great. Stephen is the best, we got it. Of course, how could anyone maintain such a studio without all these nice qualities? Yes but NO. For me, what matters the most in a recording, mixing, editing, mastering, producing, you-name-it-ing engineer, is the personal attitude. It does not matter how many degrees you have and who you have worked with and carefully listed in your credits. Stephen has one up all the others in Australia. He simply intuitively knows how to deal with people.”

– Daniel Fournier (fr) – Digital Archives Network

Recent Work- Samples


Upon arriving in Europe in early 2013 Stephen was in need of a new creative hub to work from. Over the past six months that place has truly become Wisseloord Studios. Built in the mid 1970’s Wisseloord is a world class studio having recorded artists like, Michael Jackson, The Police, Elton John, Foo Fighters and Sting. In 2010 a complete refit began led by Renowned Engineers Ronald Prent and Darcy Proper and the studio reopened in 2012.

Along with a huge back line of instruments, microphones and vintage outboard, the studio features several high end consoles, beautiful acoustic spaces and a restaurant and bar. Two mix rooms are complete and featured up to 10.1 Mix standards. More Information can be found at the Wisseloord site.


  • API Vision, 7.1 surround analogue console, Api’s Flagship- 48 channels fully loaded with Preamps, Gates/Expanders, Compressors, EQ and 10 Aux’s per channel
  • Euphonix System 5- Complete Digital console with unto 256 channels and busses in any configuration imaginable. Amazing for large scoring sessions and mixes.
  • Neve 8016- Classic 70’s 80 Series console fully loaded with 16 1073 Pre/Eq’s and 4 Busses.
  • Neve Melbourn and EMI Sidecars with 12 Classic 33115 Pre’s EQs and 12 *1960’s EMI Pre’s


  • Each Room has Protools 10 HD with a minimum 64 I/O Count
  • Each Room has Pryamix for mix down prints
  • Each Room has 24 Track Studer A820 2 Inch machines, with 1/4 and 1/2 Mixdown machines on request. Vintage room has Studer A80 Mkii 2 Inch 16 track and A80 1 Inch Widebody

The Docking Station

The Docking Station was the studio that Stephen built as his creative home in Australia. It became known as one of Australia’s finest Neve recording rooms, boasting Queensland’s only Neve 5316 console. Completely restored, recapped and shipped to Australia by one of New York’s finest studio designers, The Docking Station opened for business in October 2010 boasting six acoustically designed recording spaces and one of the biggest chill-out spaces around including pool table, full bar (including three beers on tap), vinyl collection and more.

The main studio featured the Neve as well as a Geoff Tanner custom built second desk and some of Brisbane’s best outboard gear including a full pro-tools setup. Perfect for live tracking, the spaces created a unique environment with maximum flexibility to capture the energy of a live performance with the precision and perfection expected with studio recording. The Docking Station boasted an impressive list of musical instruments and microphones to ensure the exact sound you want for your recording and to enable the maximum creativity in your sessions.


  • NEVE 5316 Custom 31 Channel- with classic 33114/b Pre’s (Melbourn Vintage)
  • Aurora Audio GTM 822 Side cart- Built by Geoff Tanner – Head of Neve Custom Design in the 1970’s this is serial #003 based on the Legendary 8078 Neve.


  • Studer A80 Mk2 8 Track 1 Inch. 15Ips
  • Otari MTR 12 1/4 Stereo Mixdown Machine. 30Ips
  • Pro Tools HD2 Accel With Mytek and Lynx Convertors

See The Entire Docking Station Gear List

Production Services

With ten years experience in all kinds of genres, Stephen Bartlett can bring the professional sheen that your recording needs. Perhaps you’ve recorded at home or can’t travel an entire band to record in a specific studio but still want the sound that professional can provide.

With the rapid rate of technology growth, the world is becoming a smaller place, and working across boundaries has become easier than ever before. Remember that laying down the tracks is only half the job and with Stephen Bartlett, we can ensure you get the absolute best from your recording.

Stephen has studios ready to work in both the Netherlands and London that can suit all needs from mixing to recording an orchestra, and with a growing network on musicians and professionals to call upon, your project is sure to reach it’s full potential.

For bookings and enquiries contact Stephen
via the contact form or phone +31 06 4194 5001.